The Spatial Different Order Derivative Method of Gravity and Magnetic Anomalies for Source Distribution Inversion

Yanbo Ming, Guoqing Ma, Lili Li, Jiangtao Han, Taihan Wang
2021 Remote Sensing  
Gravity and magnetic measurements are common remote sensing strategies to obtain the property change of observed targets. Nowadays, the characteristic value of the derivatives of gravity and magnetic anomalies is commonly used to detect the source horizontal edge. We found that the horizontal coordinates of the characteristic value of different-order derivatives are not directly corresponding to the edge of the source, which varies with the depth and size of the source. The spatial
more » ... patial different-order derivative (SDD) method of gravity and magnetic anomalies was developed, and we proved that the spatial intersection of different-order derivatives is corresponding to the location of the source, and used this feature to obtain horizontal location and depth of the source simultaneously. The model tests proved that the SDD method has high accuracy and strong anti-noisy. According to the corresponding relationship between the potential field data and lithology, we used the SDD method to delineate the potential metalorganic area in the survey region, which provides the basis for subsequent exploration.
doi:10.3390/rs13050964 fatcat:ralrecvi4nhsdhdmo7bkyxil64