Assessing and Comparing Level of Service at National Highway

Prathamesh Fulekar, K Dabhekar
2016 IJSTE-International Journal of Science Technology & Engineering |   unpublished
The Level of Service is a qualitative estimate relating operational conditions inside a traffic stream, and their perception by drivers or passengers. The present finding primarily aims at examining and comparing the level of services for national highways of a Nagpur (new metropolitan city) by using Highway Capacity Software (HCS-2000) and Highway Capacity Manual (HCM-2000). The study presented aims at national highway midblock sections for evaluation of the level of service. The field survey
more » ... . The field survey is carried out to express the traffic volume as well as the corresponding average spot speed of traffic through manual as well as videography technique. Since the examination is carried out at the mid-block sections rather than at the intersections the level of service F is not going to detect anywhere. The result gained by HCS-2000 method was compared to the result gained by HCM method. In noted conclusion Level of Service is a function of Speed and volume, the decrease in speed as a outcome of increase in traffic volume will lead to the fall of Level of Service. Comparison estimated of Flow and Density data of HCM with HCS are very close. The obtained LOS will be suitable in inspecting traffic quality based on the volume.