Effect of Body Forces Due To Aircraft Acceleration on Ventilation Airflow and Contaminant Dispersion in Passenger Aircraft Cabins

Hossam A. Elmaghraby, Yi Wai Chiang, Amir A. Aliabadi
2018 Progress in Canadian Mechanical Engineering   unpublished
Numerical simulations for the effect of body forces due to aircraft acceleration on the airflow and contaminant dispersion in a model for a passenger aircraft cabin are performed in this study. It was found that those body forces have a significant impact on the contaminant dispersion phenomena and concentrations, especially during the climb leg, where the concentration was almost triple its counterpart during the steady level flight case at the two monitoring locations. Air velocities, on the
more » ... velocities, on the other side, increased noticeably during the climb and descent legs leading to evident changes in the airflow patterns, vorticity magnitudes, and at some locations, vorticity directions, as well.
doi:10.25071/10315/35333 fatcat:ws3zbrrjgvautgqx5uumokfnmu