An Important Paragraph

1852 Scientific American  
ill Stieniifit TO CORRESPONDENTS. Inventors and their ,Models. S. L., of Ill.-The best point of a conductor is to There are several small cases remaining at the va� have the iron (if the rod be iron) gold or silver pIa-rious Express offices in this city, marked to our ad ted. Spratt has a patent ou the fastener, but not dress, on which the �xpeDses have not been pre the point. We have Dever known of a point being paid. We would respectfully inform inventors that melted down. the Ex. press
more » ... the Ex. press charges on ten or a dozen ca�es daily� L. A. L'I of L'I of Ohio-The stove blacking is ex-from every part of the Union, amounts to no incon cellent. The yellow metal is merely Muntz metal; Bidera�lfl expense, and that we shall, in future refuse Bordenls Biscuit is for man. The preservatton of to receive packages unless the Express fees have been bodies occupies more attention, perhaps, than it paid, or the expense otherwise provided for. Pa-rties
doi:10.1038/scientificamerican04241852-255b fatcat:yg6o7wycmzhmjhus2otcfirzwy