Leukemia in GH Deficient Children

Shaw Watanabe, Shoichi Mizuno, Yukiko Tsunematsu, Atsushi Komiyama, Chutaro Yamanaka, Masaru Kubota
1994 Clinical Pediatric Endocrinology  
The incidence of leukemia, exduding malignant histiocytosis, among growth hormone (GH) users has reached 13 cases in Japan. These consist of six with acute myeloid leukemia (AML), five with acute lymphocytic leukemia (ALL) and two with chronic myeloid leukemia (CML) . In nine of these patients the leukemia was idiopathic, but the other three had underlying malignant decease and one had Fanconi's anemia. Leukemia developed during GH treatment in eight patients and after cessation of GH therapy
more » ... three. The longest interval between cessation of GH therapy and the onset of leukemia was 10 years. One patient with AML was considered to be already at the preleukemic stage when GH was started. Recently, two new leukemia cases (AML and CML) in GH deficient children who had not received GH have been reported. Analysis of these cases suggests that both high and low GH levels are risk factors for leukemia.
doi:10.1297/cpe.3.supple5_53 fatcat:ajkxb76dhvfedhfgq62yuqvxwq