Muhasebe Temelli Tahmin Modelleri Işığında, Finansal Sıkıntı ve İflasın Karşılaştırılması

2014 Sosyoekonomi  
More than fifty years, there have been many academic studies about financial distress. Although there is no absolute and common-shared definition of financial distress, generally prediction models have been correlated with bankruptcy. However, financial distress is not only related with bankruptcy but also different from bankruptcy in some manner. Bankruptcy can be accepted as a last step of financial distress and generally it is related with violation of the debt liabilities. In this manner,
more » ... nancially, it is correlated with the balance sheet more than financial distress. When it is accepted that bankruptcy is a last step of financial distress, there is no enough time for firms' manager to eliminate financial distress in the light of bankruptcy prediction model result. This situation requires building different prediction model for financial distress.
doi:10.17233/se.81747 fatcat:rblhgx6jnvfklc4mg4v2hyas5y