A three-dimensional analytical benchmark in a homogeneous semi-infinite medium [report]

D.E. Kornreich, B.D. Ganapol
1997 unpublished
Portions of this document may be iilegible in tiectroolic tmage p m d n a h a g s are produced from the best aoailable original doaxmmL ABSTRACT The linear Boltzmann equation for the transport of neutral particles is investigated with the objective of generating a benchmark-quality calculation for the three-dimensional searchlight problem in a semi-infinite medium. The derivation assumes stationarity, one energy group, and isotropic scattering. The surface and interior scalar fluxes are the
more » ... tities of interest. The source considered is a pencil-beam incident at a point on the surface of a semi-infinite medium. The scalar flux will have two-dimensional variation only if the beam is normal; otherwise it is three-dimensional. The solutions are obtained by using Fourier and Laplace transforms and standard numerical techniques. Comparisons of these numerical solutions to results from the probabilistic code MCNP are also provided. -Y(z;k) = s(k)
doi:10.2172/532559 fatcat:jqe73ocubnepncx5elmn2r67g4