Defect localization, characterization and reliability assessment in emerging photovoltaic devices [report]

Benjamin Bing-Yeh Yang, Jose Luis Cruz-Campa, Gad S. Haase, Paiboon Tangyunyong, Edward Isaac Colr, Murat Okandan, Gregory N. Nielson
2014 unpublished
Microsystems-enabled photovoltaics (MEPV) can potentially meet increasing demands for light-weight, portable, photovoltaic solutions with high power density and efficiency. The study in this report examines failure analysis techniques to perform defect localization and evaluate MEPV modules. CMOS failure analysis techniques, including electroluminescence, light-induced voltage alteration, thermally-induced voltage alteration, optical beam induced current, and Seabeck effect imaging were
more » ... ully adapted to characterize MEPV modules. The relative advantages of each approach are reported. In addition, the effects of exposure to reverse bias and light stress are explored. MEPV was found to have good resistance to both kinds of stressors. The results form a basis for further development of failure analysis techniques for MEPVs of different materials systems or multijunction MEPVs. The incorporation of additional stress factors could be used to develop a reliability model to generate lifetime predictions for MEPVs as well as uncover opportunities for future design improvements.
doi:10.2172/1177042 fatcat:nmqngllperb7nmuvgtyz2astyu