Comparing Non-destructive Mechanical Testing Methods for the Assessment of Brittle Papers – The Cantilever, Hanging Pear Loop, and Clamped Fold Tests

Andrea K. I. Hall, Raymond H. Plaut, Patricia M. McGuiggan
2019 Restaurator. International journal for the preservation of library and archival material  
The ability to determine the condition of paper (e.g. its brittleness) and its permanence is a need in libraries and archives. This study investigates various bend tests and applies these tests to aged paper with the goal of finding easy, non-destructive tests to determine the mechanical properties of paper. The cantilever test was previously shown to accurately assess mechanical properties of paper-based materials, such as elastic and bending moduli as well as the bending length. This work
more » ... stigates the hanging pear loop and clamped fold tests and compares the results with those found with the cantilever test. The results show that the strain and curvature induced by the two tests are much larger than those experienced in the cantilever test. This large strain and curvature induce plastic behaviour and make the hanging pear loop and clamped fold tests inappropriate for use on paper-based materials.
doi:10.1515/res-2018-0015 fatcat:y67ohi5xgzg4hkovyq6oar6yc4