Myofibroblast-The Unique Cell-A Review Article

Namrata Gajbhiye, Ramnivas Kumawat, Aditee Sakrikar, Sarika Dindgire, Husain Sabir, Ravi Tale
2015 unpublished
Wound healing and fibrocontractive diseases are characterized by the presence of a cell called myofibroblast that is responsible for pathological tissue remodeling. Carcinogenesis is accompanied by a number of changes in the adjacent stroma including the appearance of myofibroblasts. The high contractile force generated by myofibroblasts is beneficial for physiological tissue remodeling but detrimental for tissue function when it becomes excessive such as in hypertrophic scars, in virtually all
more » ... s, in virtually all fibrotic diseases and during stroma reaction to tumors. The present review focuses on introduction, functions and origin of myofibroblasts and their role in various oral diseases.