The Woodworth Planing Machine

1852 Scientific American  
Stientific ammt4n. Improved Candle.. have the appearance of wax, are smooth and The Terre Haute Express, (Ind.), speaks glossy, and nearly clear enough to snow the very favorably respecting the pure lard can_ wick. To the finger they feel like wax, and that" t\J.e ch$'ge chamber is made larger than the rest of th, bore of the barrel, and forms an air chamber Hound the powder, which produ ces a more tlIorough combustion and instanta neous igniticn, and the baH meeting with so much resisli4nce,
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doi:10.1038/scientificamerican03271852-220i fatcat:fht3gmrnmfc5ddfhuhyh4j2o2i