Costs of liquid manure transportation and incorporation using mobile transport aggregates

Juris Priekulis, Kaspars Vartukapteinis, Ligita Melece
2017 unpublished
The article presents the research in the most typical technologies of liquid manure transportation, spreading and incorporation using mobile aggregates. The technological versions are compared in terms of the consumption of work of the workers, exploitation costs and the possible reduction of ammonia emissions. In the research it was stated that the specific consumption of work for transportation and incorporation of liquid manure as well as the specific costs calculating per one hectare depend
more » ... one hectare depend on the distance where the liquid manure is transported. If, for instance, this distance increases from two to five km, the specific costs increase by approximately 50 %. The least liquid manure transportation and incorporation specific costs are in the case, if the manure that is spread on the field is incorporated at once simultaneously with cultivation. Plowing in or incorporating manure with special aggregates (in the depth of 15-30 cm or 4-6 cm) these costs increase by approximately 10 %. In terms of the possible reduction of ammonia emissions deep incorporation of manure is economically more efficient (in the depth of 15-30 cm). Still, analogous results can be obtained if the spread manure is plowed into the ground immediately.
doi:10.22616/erdev2017.16.n334 fatcat:k3mmthk4jng4dlnlggavcgzx6i