Self-induced and induced transparencies of two-dimensional and three-dimensional superlattices

Yuriy A. Romanov, Julia Yu. Romanova, Lev G. Mourokh, Norman J. M. Horing
2002 Physical Review B (Condensed Matter)  
The phenomenon of transparency in two-dimensional and three-dimensional superlattices is analyzed on the basis of the Boltzmann equation with a collision term encompassing three distinct scattering mechanisms (elastic, inelastic and electron-electron) in terms of three corresponding distinct relaxation times. On this basis, we show that electron heating in the plane perpendicular to the current direction drastically changes the conditions for the occurrence of self-induced transparency in the
more » ... perlattice. In particular, it leads to an additional modulation of the current amplitudes excited by an applied biharmonic electric field with harmonic components polarized in orthogonal directions. Furthermore, we show that self-induced transparency and dynamic localization are different phenomena with different physical origins, displaced in time from each other, and, in general, they arise at different electric fields.
doi:10.1103/physrevb.66.045319 fatcat:2pxultfh4favnkm4acuyh6spzq