Afroneutria, a new spider genus of Afrotropical Ctenidae (Arachnida, Araneae)

Daniele Polotow, Rudy Jocqué
2015 European Journal of Taxonomy  
The new ctenid genus Afroneutria is proposed to include five species: Afroneutria velox (Blackwall, 1865) comb. nov. (type species), A. immortalis (Arts, 1912) comb. nov., A. erythrochelis (Simon, 1876) comb. nov., A. quadrimaculata sp. nov. and A. hybrida sp. nov., all collected in central to southeast Africa. Afroneutria species can be distinguished from the remaining Ctenidae by the presence of a synapomorphic laminar projection on the embolus tip. The genus can also be distinguished by the
more » ... stinguished by the presence of the following set of characters: elongated cup-shaped median apophysis and elongated and laminar embolus on the male palp; large lateral projections on the epigynum and the spermathecae divided into two parts, dorsal and ventral, in the vulva.
doi:10.5852/ejt.2015.121 fatcat:gxyentvlkvh25pzst2t72ebb6e