Mir contamination observations and implications to the International Space Station

Carlos E. Soares, Ronald R. Mikatarian, Philip T. C. Chen, O. Manuel Uy
2000 Optical Systems Contamination and Degradation II: Effects, Measurements, and Control  
A series of external contaminati o n meas urements were made on the Russ ian Mir Space Station. The Mir extern al contamination observations summari zed in this paper were esse ntial in assessin g the system level impact of Russian Segment induced co nta min ati on on the International Space Statio n (ISS). Mir co ntaminatio n observations include resul ts from a series of flight experiments: CNES Comes-Aragatz, retrieved NASA camera bracket, Euro-Mir '95 ICA, retrieved NASA Trek blanket,
more » ... Trek blanket, Russian Astra-II, Mir Solar Array Return Experiment (SARE), etc. Results from these experiments were studied in detail to characterize Mir induced contamination. In co njuncti on with Mir contamination observati ons, Russian material s samples were tested fo r condensable outgass ing rates in the U.S. These test results were essential in the c haracterizatio n of Mir contaminatio n sources. Once Mir co ntaminati on sources were identified and c haracteri zed, ac ti vities to assess the implications to ISS were implemented. As a result, modifications in Russian materi als selection and/or usage were imple mented to control contami natio n and mitigate risk to ISS.
doi:10.1117/12.400837 fatcat:dy43n3qi2jgbfbzwwoxw2cf3te