Geotechnical Aspects of Bored Pile Construction on Clayshale

Edy Purwanto
Lemah Ireng II bridge, section VI, Semarang-Bawen toll road is a monumental structure of PT. Trans Marga Jateng, Publics Work Departement, Province of Central Java. The bridge has span of 85 m-130 m-85 m and 25 m width, more than 35 m height above the land surface. The upper structure of the bridge is box girder and the sub-structure is bored piles foundation. The construction staging of Lemah Ireng II bridge is a balanced cantilever method. The bridge foundation structure laids on the clay
more » ... e, so to ensure the structure stabilities is needed geotechnical studies under construction. The success of bridge construction on clay shale relies on proper planning, design, construction control and site supervision. The construction methods employed at site also have significant effect to ensure the successfully. This paper presents the results of the geotechnical review of the bored pile foundation at Pier P1 of Lemah Ireng II bridge.