Flow Field Measurement around Ship Hull at Incidence

Taketoshi OKUNO, Norio TANAKA, Yuji HASEGAWA
1989 Journal of the Kansai Society of Naval Architects, Japan  
In thls research , the flow field measurement aruund ship hull at incidence was made by using five hole Pitot Tube whicb was operated by autamatic flow measuring system . At first , the paper describes the developed system for flow measurements in circulating water channel , The sys 仁 em js consist of two parts : the sensor controlling system , akind of a robot manupu [ ator , and the data acquisitlon system , The system enables measuring of flow velocity vector arourld ship mode [
more » ... using several microcomputers which are coIninucated through RS232C channe1 . The results of f匡 ow fie正 d measurment around sh 正 p hull at incidence are showrl , at wh 〔 〕 le of the back side region from fore to aft peak , The vortex separeted at fore part travels with the outer potntial flow ・ Therefore , the pa し h line of the w 〕rtex is different from that of full ship as a tanker model ,
doi:10.14856/kansaiks.212.0_67 fatcat:33dmwq3urvhyllfsovn47owqda