Samples of Al Samarqandi's Selection in some of Washing Laws and the touch of the Grecians Quran in his book (The scholars' Masterpiece)

عبد الرزاق احمد عبد الرزاق سحر رسول محمد
2019 Journal of College of Education for Women  
The Research is interested in the detailed comparative study of certain selection of Imam Alsamarqandi in some subjects of washing and touching the Gracious Quran. The value of this study is that it is related to one aspect of the duties obliged on Muslim like parity. The study has tried to collect certain scholars' opinions of eight doctrines with the selection of Alsamarqandi to make a comp arson between them and to show how Alsamarqandi is able to create legal laws from his sources to lead
more » ... s sources to lead the researchers nto have knowledge about the syllabi of the famous scientists. Finally we ask God to bless to what is right and to accept this study and make it part of our good deeds, Ameen.
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