RESEARCH HUB-International Multidisciplinary Research Journal (RHIMRJ) A study on Customer Satisfaction towards Retail Outlets of FMCG Products in Ahmedabad City

Nirav Gajjar, Bhavesh Lakhani
In this recent dynamic business scenario, retail industry has witnessed key revolution and universal attention. Retail Sector is one of the rapidly growing industries in Indian Economy. Retailing is an important social institution in Gujarat because about more than 35% of what a customer spends goes to retailers. In the center of rigid and severe competition and increased number of retail outlets providing a range of FMCG products, customers have become familiar to superior multiple outlets.
more » ... ditionally, product differentiation was only option with retailers to retain their customers and also to satisfy the consumers. Though, time has changed, because of brutal competition from new entrants, reproduction of new features and increased new offers, changing customer preference and they have also become more price sensitive, which has forced marketers to adapt differentiated and customer oriented strategies to enable them to get competitive edge over the competitors. Hence, it is vital for FMCG retail stores to manage customer and their satisfaction level. Customer is satisfied when the value provided through a retailing experience meet or exceeds his/her expectations. Retail players are now active in searching new and innovative ways to satisfy their customers so that they can survive in the market. The main objective of this study is to assess the satisfaction level of the customers from different services offered by FMCGs Retaling in Ahmedabad City.