Gated Linear Networks [article]

Joel Veness, Tor Lattimore, David Budden, Avishkar Bhoopchand, Christopher Mattern, Agnieszka Grabska-Barwinska, Eren Sezener, Jianan Wang, Peter Toth, Simon Schmitt, Marcus Hutter
2020 arXiv   pre-print
This paper presents a new family of backpropagation-free neural architectures, Gated Linear Networks (GLNs). What distinguishes GLNs from contemporary neural networks is the distributed and local nature of their credit assignment mechanism; each neuron directly predicts the target, forgoing the ability to learn feature representations in favor of rapid online learning. Individual neurons can model nonlinear functions via the use of data-dependent gating in conjunction with online convex
more » ... tion. We show that this architecture gives rise to universal learning capabilities in the limit, with effective model capacity increasing as a function of network size in a manner comparable with deep ReLU networks. Furthermore, we demonstrate that the GLN learning mechanism possesses extraordinary resilience to catastrophic forgetting, performing comparably to a MLP with dropout and Elastic Weight Consolidation on standard benchmarks. These desirable theoretical and empirical properties position GLNs as a complementary technique to contemporary offline deep learning methods.
arXiv:1910.01526v2 fatcat:fbgnq4rfwzbspis4jmv6qeudgq