Linkage mapping in experimental crosses: the robustness of single-gene models

F A Wright, A Kong
1997 Genetics  
The robustness of parametric linkage mapping against model misspecification is considered in experimental breeding designs, with a focus on localization of the gene. By examining the expected LOD across the genome, it is shown that single-gene models are quite robust, even for polygenic traits. However, when the marker map is of low resolution, linked polygenes can give rise to an apparent "ghost" gene, mapped to an incorrect interval. The results apply equally well to quantitative traits or
more » ... litative (categorical) traits. The results are derived for backcross populations, with a discussion of extensions to intercross populations and relative-pair mapping in humans.
pmid:9136030 pmcid:PMC1207957 fatcat:rxyv5zjo6zdjfi54cjonxwj7le