Field-Dependent Anisotropy Change in a Supramolecular Mn(II)-[3×3]Grid

O. Waldmann, L. Zhao, L. K. Thompson
2002 Physical Review Letters  
The magnetic anisotropy of a novel Mn(II)-[3x3] grid complex was investigated by means of high-field torque magnetometry. Torque vs. field curves at low temperatures demonstrate a ground state with S > 0 and exhibit a torque step due to a field induced level-crossing at B* \approx 7.5 T, accompanied by an abrupt change of magnetic anisotropy from easy-axis to hard-axis type. These observations are discussed in terms of a spin Hamiltonian formalism.
doi:10.1103/physrevlett.88.066401 pmid:11863828 fatcat:hhh6gro4aza4xmjttf6rcmveum