Robotic AeroCrete A novel robotic spraying and surface treatment technology for the production of slender reinforced concrete elements

Nizar Taha, Alexander Nikolas Walzer, Jetana Ruangjun
2019 Blucher Design Proceedings   unpublished
This research paper presents a novel method for robotic spraying of glass-fibre reinforced concrete (GFRC) on a permeable reinforcement mesh. In this process, the mesh acts as a functional formwork during the concrete spraying process and as reinforcement once the concrete is cured, with the goal of producing slender reinforced concrete elements efficiently. The proof of concept presented in this paper takes inspiration from"Ferrocement" technique, developed in the 1940s by Pier Luigi Nervi
more » ... co, 1994) and shows how robotic spraying has the potential of producing such slender and bespoke reinforced concrete elements while also having the potential of reducing manual labour, waste and excess material. The system is coined with the name"Robotic AeroCrete' ' (or RAC) in reference to the use of an industrial robotic setup and the pneumatic projection of concrete.
doi:10.5151/proceedings-ecaadesigradi2019_675 fatcat:uo2we2d3jrg3jj2ua32sax3biq