Effect of Yoga Basti in the Management of Sandhivata a Clinical Study

Anagha Anigol, Arun Vaidya, Prasanna Mathad, Amit Upasane
2021 Journal of Pharmaceutical Research International  
Yoga basti a type of basti explained to treat many diseases in Ayurveda when basti given for 8 days in respective diseases like Sandhivata, Janusandhi vata and sarvanga vata.. Basti is one among the panchakarma procedure, there are many references of bastis are available in veda, purana, yogic and samhita, where the medicated oil or decoctions or other medicated preparations introduced through the anus or urethra or vagina. Panchakarma -5 purificatory procedures of body, which helps to cure the
more » ... diseases and prevents the further progress of diseases. Basti is called 'chikitsardham' because vata dosha is independent dosha which is responsible for all activities in body, the site Vata dosha is basti (Bladder region) pradesha. The diseases where vata dosha is mainly vitiated in such condition basti chikitsa is the choice of treatment to treat the disease without any complications. In basti chikitsa the medicines are pushed through anus or urethra or vagina which reaches basti Pradesha and where it will exhibits its effect to cure the diseases and the medicines inserted will not remain in body, it is expelled out from the body. According to modern science recent researches identified as Gut is the second brain in the body. Which helps for the absorption medicine and initiate necessary healing process to overcome from the disease. In this study the effect of Yogabasti in the patient suffering from sandhivat is assessed.
doi:10.9734/jpri/2021/v33i30b31636 fatcat:cwqzbwvdzneelet553uxum7rnu