Geotechnical Form of the Traditional Timber Structure Column Base in the Southern Region of China

Xinmo Zhou, Ke Zhou, Wei Wang, Ting Xu, Xuchao Chi
Column base with typical geotechnical technology has played an important role in durability and safety of the traditional timber structure in the rainy southern region of China. First of all, its fundamental geotechnical functions are studied. Then, a more comprehensive presentation of the column base form is illustrated. Art form and carving decoration are further analyzed from aspects of geometric shape, household appliances, religion and culture, and folk customs of life. Moreover, the most
more » ... Moreover, the most common types of column bases are stressed because they are with deep cultural connotation, available to achieve the unity of form and function, or flexible to adapt to different needs. Finally, different characteristics of column bases are discussed according to the building types, grades and geographical differences.