The Study of Mental Health Status in High School Female Students in Hamadan City

Efat Sadeghian, Mahnaz Moghadari Kosha, Samira Gorji
2010 Avicenna Journal of Clinical Medicine  
Introduction & Objective: Nowadays, students' mental health is very important in the overall mental health of the society. Because adolescence is the most critical period of life ,providing mental health services through heath service school are fundamental for promotion of students mental health. Whereas adolescence is a most crisis of life periods. Adolescence encounter with many stressors, therefore they are probably susceptible for mental disorder. The aim of this study was determined the
more » ... ntal health status in high school students in Hamadan city. Materials & Methods: This investigation is a descriptive study . The sample size of this study was 600 students that selected by cluster method between primary, second and third degrees of high school students. Data collected by GHQ-28 questionnaire and analyzed by SPSS10. In total scale to allow for diagnosis score 23 and higher and subscale score 7 and higher. Results: Results of this study show that 60.2% of total scale had score 23 and higher and in subscales social dysfunction 36.7% of somatic symptoms ,46.5% of anxiety,49.5% of social and 45.8 of depression had score 7 and higher. In present study we show that mental health correlated with course, level and age(P<0.05). Conclusion: With regard to this result, major students are susceptible to mental disorder that are social function disorder, anxiety, depression and hypochondriasis, respectively. So it is highly recommended that authorities pay special attention to this group.
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