Active pixel matrix for X-ray satellite missions

P. Holl, P. Fischer, P. Klein, G. Lutz, W. Neeser, L. Struder, N. Wermes
2000 IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science  
We present an active pixel matrix for high rate, spectroscopic and imaging X-ray detection. It is foreseen as a wide field imager on the XEUS (X-ray Evolving Universe Spectroscopy) satellite. A 1024 × 1024 pixel device with pixel sizes of 50 -75 µm shall cover an area of 76 mm × 76 mm. A single pixel consists of a p-channel DEPFET (DEPleted Field Effect Transistor). It is realized on high-ohmic detector grade silicon allowing the bulk to be fully depleted to achieve high quantum efficiency. In
more » ... tum efficiency. In a matrix arrangement pixels are interconnected in such a way that single rows can be randomly accessed and read-out. Various read-out modes can be realized making this detector an ideal instrument for the high dynamics in the photon flux on XEUS. A 64 × 64 pixel matrix prototype has been produced at the HLL. We will describe the test system setup, and present measurements, which characterize the expected performance
doi:10.1109/23.872989 fatcat:zjsbjf5225ghzgzjtmsdeyaqwu