Operational Properties of the Cermet Electro-Spark Coatings after Laser Treatment – Technology and Application

Norbert Radek, Jacek Pietraszek, Janusz Konstanty
2019 System Safety: Human - Technical Facility - Environment  
The paper is concerned with determining the influence of the laser treatment process on the properties of electro-spark coatings. The properties of the coatings after laser treatment were assessed based on following methods: microstructure and X-ray diffraction analysis, adhesion tests, roughness measurement, hardness tests, tribological properties and application tests. The tests were carried out on WC-Co coating (the anode) obtained by electro-spark deposition over carbon steel C45 (the
more » ... e) and molten with a laser beam. The coatings were deposited by means of the EIL-8A and they were laser treated with the Nd:YAG. The tests show that the laser-treated electro-spark deposited WC-Co coatings are characterized by lower hardness, higher seizure resistance, roughness and adhesion. The laser treatment process causes the homogenization of the chemical composition, the structure refinement and the healing of microcracks and pores of the electro-spark deposited coatings. Laser treated electro-spark deposited coatings are likely to be applied in sliding friction pairs and as protective coatings.
doi:10.2478/czoto-2019-0102 fatcat:alvb5nxddzh45cmboc2kak4ftq