Virologic Factors Contributing to the Genetic Diversification of Influenza Viruses Circulating in North American Swine [thesis]

Thomas Fabrizio
DEDICATION I dedicate this dissertation to my fiance, Mckenzie, who has supported me through my graduate research and has always been a good listener when experiments didn't work. This dissertation is also dedicated to my parents, who have always encouraged me to dream big and work hard, and to my brother and sister who have inspired me to be a good role model and who were always willing to make time to enjoy activities together. iv ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS I would like to thank my graduate research
more » ... isor, Dr. Richard Webby, who gave me an exceptional opportunity to complete my graduate training in his lab. He was always open to new ideas and ways to help incorporate them into my research projects. Dr. Webby was also willing to provide recommendations and guidance when experiments were not working.
doi:10.21007/etd.cghs.2013.0088 fatcat:u7dt525x2jgtji2fbn3flkgcsm