The Variation and Stability Analysis of Starch Pasting Properties among New Plant Type (NPT) Wheat Derivatives

S Kota, S Singh, A Singh, T Mohapatra, A Ahlawat, P Brajendra, B Mandal
2015 J. Agr. Sci. Tech   unpublished
Pasting is one of the most important properties of wheat starch determining the flour quality and functionality. Twenty three New Plant Type (NPT) wheat derivatives along with three checks (PBW 343, HD 2329, and Raj 3765) have been studied in multi-location trials to assess the variation and environment induced fluctuations for their starch pasting properties. Although all flour pasting characteristics varied, Breakdown Viscosity (BV) and Setback Viscosity (SV) exhibited greater variability
more » ... ter variability across environments. Additive Main effects and Multiplicative Interaction (AMMI) analysis indicated significant interactions between Genotypes and Environments Interaction (GEI) in starch pasting properties. Genotypes accounted largest proportion (39.78%) of the Sum of squares (SQ) for peak viscosity (PV) followed by environments (33.30%) and GEI (33.30%). Trough Viscosity (TV), GEI accounted for the largest proportion (40.44%) of the SQ followed by environments (31.76%) and genotypes (27.80%). Genotypes accounted for the largest proportion (44.0%) of the SQ for (BV) followed by environments (33.30%) and GEI (21.59%). With respect to FV, environments accounted for the largest proportion (43.07%) of the SQ followed by GEI (30.84%) and genotypes (26.09%). Environments accounted for the largest proportion (52.48%) of the SQ followed by genotypes (23.89%) and GEI (23.65%) for SV. The interactions between genotype and locations differed greatly; however, some genotypes apparently found to be specifically adaptable to growth location. Correlation among starch pasting characteristics revealed that significant positive correlations were found between PV and BV, FV and TV, as well as SV and FV in all the individual environments tested that can be utilized in selection and simultaneous improvement in for starch quality improvement.