Fishing efficiency of LED fishing lamp for squid jigging vessels
오징어 채낚기어선용 LED 집어등의 어획성능

Young-Il An
2013 Journal of the Korean society of Fisheries Technology  
This study has conducted a comparative analysis on the fishing efficiency of LED fishing lamps by squid jigging vessels, the Yeongrak-ho (16 tons) and Somang-ho (9.77 tons), which operated during September and October 2010 and during October 2011, comparing with MH (Metal Halide) fishing lamp-equipped fishing vessels. This study has also examined vessel' s fuel consumption level. The light powers of LED fishing lamps of the Yeongrak-ho and Somang-ho were 25.8kW and 32kW, respectively. Those of
more » ... he MH fishing vessels, that is, the MH fishing lamp-equipped fishing vessels, were 105kW and 81kW, respectively. The average squid catch in number of an LED vessel, Yeongrak-ho, was 39.2% of the MH fishing lampequipped fishing vessels; however, that of the Somang-ho improved to 78.7% of the MH fishing lampequipped vessels. Average catch in number by Yeongrak-ho crew was 2.6 times more than catch in number by automatic jigging machines. Average catch in number by MH fishing vessel crew was 1.8 times more than that by automatic jigging machines. An LED vessel, Yeongrak-ho' s fishing rate was 17.5%-152.2% of the MH fishing vessels, that is, 61.1% on average, in comparison of combined catch in number per automatic jigging machine and per crewmember. Somang-ho' s fishing rate was 6.7%-127.6% of the MH fishing vessels, that is, 73.1% on average. The average fuel consumption level of the Somang-ho, throughout its departure from to arrival at the port, was 475.7l, and that during fishing hours was 109.6l, or 23.0% of the total fuel consumption level. Somang-ho' s fuel consumption level per fishing hour was 9.7l on average.
doi:10.3796/ksft.2013.49.4.385 fatcat:3decwvbuurecfjcmtzmjst562m