Matroids over partial hyperstructures [article]

Matthew Baker, Nathan Bowler
2018 arXiv   pre-print
We present an algebraic framework which simultaneously generalizes the notion of linear subspaces, matroids, valuated matroids, oriented matroids, and regular matroids. To do this, we first introduce algebraic objects called tracts which generalize both hyperfields in the sense of Krasner and partial fields in the sense of Semple and Whittle. We then define matroids over tracts; in fact, there are (at least) two natural notions of matroid in this general context, which we call weak and strong
more » ... troids. We give "cryptomorphic" axiom systems for such matroids in terms of circuits, Grassmann-Plücker functions, and dual pairs, and establish some basic duality results. We then explore sufficient criteria for the notions of weak and strong matroids to coincide. For example, if F is a particularly nice kind of tract called a doubly distributive partial hyperfield, we show that the notions of weak and strong F-matroids coincide. We also give examples of tracts F and weak F-matroids which are not strong. Our theory of matroids over tracts is closely related to, but more general than, "matroids over fuzzy rings" in the sense of Dress and Dress-Wenzel.
arXiv:1709.09707v2 fatcat:r2ufkj563zhyphwzaltbsgrzka