Problems and Countermeasures in the Network Construction of Private Hospital

Shuchen Liu
2015 Proceedings of the 2015 International Conference on Economics, Social Science, Arts, Education and Management Engineering   unpublished
Network construction does not constitute a difficulty in public hospitals in China. But it is a headache for the civilian -run hospitals. Compared with the governmental hospital, the civilianrun hospital is in a disadvantageous position in finance, technology and talents. Due to the comprehensive disadvantages, the network construction in civilian-run hospital also falls behind that of governmental hospital. This paper analyzes the problems of network construction in private hospital and puts
more » ... rward the corresponding measures in order to provide some references for the related researches. Concept of Private Hospital Civilian-run hospitals are the medical institutions that are funded by social capital and approved by the administrative department of public health. The biggest characteristic of civilian-run hospital is self-supporting, self-management, self-development and self-perfection. This kind of hospital belongs to private hospitals in foreign countries. At present, China's civilian-run hospitals are basically equivalent to private hospitals, so it is also known as private hospitals for civilian-run hospitals. China has made many policies to encourage and support social capital to enter the medical field, and promote the diversification of investment subjects in medical institutions, and provide the basic guarantee for the development of private hospitals at the policy level. But there are still many problems in private hospitals, such as: the degree of social credibility needs to be further improved, the medical personnel should be strengthened, the regulations need to be perfected, and the fund is generally insufficient. what's more, owing to the fact that the history of civilian-run hospitals is relatively short, specifically established after China's opening-up. There are not many large scale civilian-run hospitals which are Top-grade ones and most of civilian-run hospitals are Second or below second grade, thus information construction is less developed in these hospitals. Necessity of Network Construction of Private Hospital As the certain trend of the social development in the future, infor matization has already brought about some profound changes to many industries. It can also change the hospital a lot. with a development for quite a while, civilian-run hospitals need to be further improved. At the present, the management concerning basic stuff, finance, outpatient, medicine and logistics is relatively of the traditional type and some even fall behind with the times, in great needs of being upgraded, thus making the information construction necessary and important. The role is not only to solve the current problem of hospital survival, but also the basis of long-term development of the hospital. The informationization construction of private hospitals in China started late, and there is still a big gap in the construction of public information. Hospital network not only serves as a window for the community and patients to know about the hospital but also helps to improve the management of the hospital. Thus it can provide better service to the patients. Good hospital website can help to establish and improve the image of the hospital, strengthen the connection between the hospital and the community, and greatly improve the information level of hospital staff. With the development of the national economy, the size of the hospital continues to expand, to redesign a set of new, more powerful, scalable hospital network, better serve the vast number of patients, better publicity, im-
doi:10.2991/essaeme-15.2015.48 fatcat:ojrdhxe6i5dqtimtwdr5zyc2g4