Correlation between emotional intelligence and communication skills in managers in educational hospitals of Qazvin

P Raeissi, R Kalhor, M Azmal
2010 57 JQUMS   unpublished
The existence of an organization depends on communications and this is an area that managers spend most of their time on. Recognition of communication skills accompanied with its implementation is among the essential parameters of successful management in any organization. Objective: To determine the correlation between emotional intelligence and communicational skills among managers of educational hospitals in Qazvin. Methods: This was a cross-sectional study performed on 78 managers of
more » ... managers of educational hospitals in Qazvin in 2008. Data were gathered by completing the Shearing's Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire (EIQ), Berton's Communicational Skills Questionnaire, and the demographic characteristics questionnaire using Likert's scale for scoring the questions. Data were analyzed using descriptive statistical indexes, Pearson's correlation coefficient, independent t-test and one way ANOVA. Findings: Our findings showed that there was a significant positive correlation (r=0.026) between the managers' EI and feedback skills. No significant relationship was found between the EI and speaking-listening communicational skills. Also, based on data obtained in our study, there was no significant relationship between the managers' EI and their demographic traits including age, gender, job experience, management experience, and educational level. Conclusion: Managers' EI could be considered as an important factor in improvement and development of communicational skills in any organization.