Judith G. Cohen, Andrew Gould, Ian B. Thompson, Sofia Feltzing, Thomas Bensby, Jennifer A. Johnson, Wenjin Huang, Jorge Meléndez, Sara Lucatello, Martin Asplund
2010 Astrophysical Journal Letters  
We study a sample of 16 microlensed Galactic bulge main sequence turnoff region stars for which high dispersion spectra have been obtained with detailed abundance analyses. We demonstrate that there is a very strong and highly statistically significant correlation between the maximum magnification of the microlensed bulge star and the value of the [Fe/H] deduced from the high resolution spectrum of each object. Physics demands that this correlation, assuming it to be real, be the result of some
more » ... sample bias. We suggest several possible explanations, but are forced to reject them all,and are left puzzled. To obtain a reliable metallicity distribution in the Galactic bulge based on microlensed dwarf stars it will be necessary to resolve this issue through the course of additional observations.
doi:10.1088/2041-8205/711/1/l48 fatcat:s53v64f3h5f2tllkmufbm2uqvm