1922 Journal of the Society of Chemical Industry  
Iurgist nccds nn ncqunintnnco with mincrnlogy in order t o iiiidcrstniid ores, BIIXCS, nnd rcfrnctories, all of which 110 cncountcrs in his dniiy \rorli. Abovo nil, Iiowct-cr, tho mctnllurgist rnust bo n clicmist, so fully trniiicd in tho fundamcntnls of his scicnco ns to ndopt iniincdintely and unconsciously n scicntific nttitudo townrds tilo problcins t h a t prcsent tlicnisclvcs in tho courso of his work. ] l o must linvo R knowcdgo of tilo sonrccs of inforinntion n t tlio disposnl of tho
more » ... disposnl of tho clicmist, nnd must bo prcpnrcd to follow tho progress of clicmistry, closely ns rcgnrds his oivn spccinl scction, and iil brond ontlino tlint of tho scienco in gcncrnl. This inrolrcs tlic ability to nbstriict litcrnture, if possiblc Frcncli nnd Gerinan as ~vcll as lhglisli.
doi:10.1002/jctb.5000412108 fatcat:2bz7wvg4qfftrio27oltvrbpzy