Revision of Francis Walker's female types of North American Rhamphomyia Meigen (Diptera: Empididae)

Bradley J. Sinclair, Toyohei Saigusa
Five Nearctic species described by Walker (1849) on the basis of female specimens are revised and illustrated. Rhamphomyia agasicles Walker is recognized as a subjective synonym of R. minytus Walker and by First Reviser action, the latter is chosen as the senior of the two names. The following additional new synonyms are proposed: R. dana Walker, 1849 and R. valga Coquillett, 1895 = R. poplitea Wahlberg, 1844; and R. pulla Loew, 1861 = R. cophas Walker, 1849. Rhamphomyia mallos Walker could not
more » ... os Walker could not be associated with any recent specimens and only several old female specimens were found to be conspecific with R. ecetra Walker.
doi:10.20363/bzb-2018.67.2.129 fatcat:x7bwogkxtbfvhhqbjjkksv2uk4