Mesoporous Silicon / Polypyrrole Based Structures for Paranitrophenol Sensing [post]

fatma zohra tighilt, Samia BELHOUSSE, Anis Rahal, kHALED Hamdani, Naima Belhaneche, Sabrina Sam, Kahina Lasmi
2021 unpublished
Elaboration of new structures based on semi-conductors and conducting polymers can procure a new alternative to the development of various electrochemical sensors with good sensibility.The key idea of this paper is to develop a facile technique for the detection of the para-nitrophenol which is considered as an important toxic pollutant. In this context, different structures based on mesoporous silicon modified with Polypyrrole (PPy) were elaborated.The hybrid structures have been characterized
more » ... by several techniques such as FTIR, SEM and Contact angle measurements.In addition, the behavior of these new structures for para-nitrophenol detection by cyclic voltammetry was studied. The results show a high sensitivity of the sensor in a large concentration interval.
doi:10.21203/ fatcat:apknezygm5gvbh4vyigknwx23i