All-Fabric-Based Flexible Capacitive Sensors with Pressure Detection and Non-Contact Instruction Capability

Xiaorui Ye, Mingwei Tian, Ming Li, Hang Wang, Yangcheng Shi
2022 Coatings  
The flexible and wearable capacitive sensors have captured tremendous interest due to their enormous potential for healthcare monitoring, soft robotics, and human−computer interface. However, despite recent progress, there are still pressing challenges to develop a fully integrated textile sensor array with good comfort, high sensitivity, multisensing capabilities, and ultra-light detection. Here, we demonstrate a pressure and non-contact bimodal fabric-only capacitive sensor with highly
more » ... ve and ultralight detection. The graphene nanoplatelets-decorated multidimensional honeycomb fabric and nickel-plated woven fabric serve as the dielectric layer and electrode, respectively. Our textile-only capacitive bimodal sensor exhibits an excellent pressure-sensing sensitivity of 0.38 kPa−1, an ultralow detection limit (1.23 Pa), and cycling stability. Moreover, the sensor exhibits superior non-contact detection performance with a detection distance of 15 cm and a maximum relative capacitance change of 10%. The sensor can successfully detect human motion, such as finger bending, saliva swallowing, etc. Furthermore, a 4 × 4 (16 units) textile-only capacitive bimodal sensor array was prepared and has excellent spatial resolution and response performance, showing great potential for the wearable applications.
doi:10.3390/coatings12030302 fatcat:lumfvvlnfbb3xler5lvb74x7ni