Preparation and Characterization of Polyacetylene/Expanded Graphite Composites

Ming Ming Hu, Lin Hua Song, Bing Lin Tao
2014 Advanced Materials Research  
Expanded graphite (EG) is a promising conducting filler to enhance the conductivity of the polyacetylene (PA)/EG composites and also an ideal support to catalyst PA to polymerize on the surface of EG. The expanded interlayers of EG prepared by chemical oxidation is between 100 and 1500 nm. Diameters of the Fe (naph)3 nanoparticles deposited on the external surface and internal surface (i.e. surface of the expanded graphitic layers) of EG range from 7 to15 nm. PA/EG composites were prepared by
more » ... terogeneous polymerization. PA catalyzed by Fe (naph)3 nanoparticles supported on the external surface and at the edge of the expanded layers was inclined to form bigger aggregation, while PA grown between the interlayers exhibit smaller size. The bulk conductivity of the prepared composites is 5.78×103 S·m-1.
doi:10.4028/ fatcat:vhneg6wgfzf3di7aciar76ibui