Effect of Tibial Length Discrepancy on the Pelvic List During Human Gait

Shaw D, Andrabi SMH
2021 International Journal of Current Research and Review  
Tibial length discrepancy (TLD) is an anatomical leg length discrepancy in which tibia length differs in the same individual. Current literature has not documented the TLD as the source of discrepancy for studying the biomechanics of walking. Instead of TLD studies have considered the total leg length discrepancy for studying the biomechanics of walking. Objective: The objective of the study was to investigate the motion of the pelvis in the frontal plane during walking with various degrees of
more » ... LD. Settings and Design: Musculoskeletal modelling Material and Methods: The study used the Stanford-based software (Opensim) in which several levels of TLD were manipulated to a generic musculoskeletal model of gait and subsequently the simulations were carried out using the inverse kinematics tool. A data set of the pelvic lists during a complete gait cycle was generated which was exported to the database for statistical operations. Statistical Analysis Used: Mann Whitney's U test for independent samples was used to test the difference between the groups with Tibial Length Discrepancy less than 2% (n=8) and TLD more than 2% (n=8). Results: The Pelvic list was significant (p<.000) between the two groups regarding variables namely RHS, LTO, LHS, RTO, RHS1, LTO1, and LHS1. Furthermore, there was an increase in the pelvic list in the anticlockwise direction (negative side) for all the variables with the increase in the level of TLD. Conclusions: With the increment in TLD the pelvis listed towards the shorter side of the leg persistently in the gait cycle. The pelvis listed significantly in the group with TLD more than two per cent as compared to the group with TLD less than two per cent for all the selected variables namely right heel strike left toe-off, left heel strike, right heel strike, right heel strike1, left toe-off1 and left heel strike1.
doi:10.31782/ijcrr.2021.131533 fatcat:eratog6mnnccljowgx5kpqyad4