Sum rules for strong decays of 10 and 27 dibaryon multiplets in broken SU(3) symmetry

G. Sánchez-Colón, E. N. Polanco-Euán, C. E. López-Fortín
2018 International Journal of Modern Physics A  
10 and 27 SU(3) multiplets of hexaquarks states with baryon number B=2, known as dibaryons, are considered. Previous analyses are complemented and sum rules for strong decay amplitudes with SU(3) symmetry violation up to the first order are determined for the 10 and 27 dibaryon multiplets into a baryon octet plus a baryon decuplet and for the dibaryon 27 into two baryon octets.
doi:10.1142/s0217751x18501737 fatcat:qe2tbrcenbaybm5qc4tde45chm