Anticommunism in popular culture: the evolution and contestation of "anticommunist films" in South Korea

Hana Lee
2016 Asian Journal of German and European Studies  
The goal of this paper is to grasp the relationship of coexistence, and at times, discord, between anticommunism and popular culture through a historical and chronological survey. To do this, this paper will first seek to understand anticommunism as an ideology with consistent logic, but a as a diverse and multilayered, mutable and contradictory affect. This gives the advantage of viewing anti-communism not from the aspect of its production, but of its acceptance. This can provide a clue as to
more » ... hy anticommunism, which wields unsurpassed power at present in the world's only divided nation, Korea, compulsively defends itself while constantly in a state of insecurity and ambiguity while facing challenges and resistance, and endless cracks form in its logic. This paper consider the influence exerted by anticommunism on "anticommunist films" and the reconstruction of the conditions of "anticommunism" by "anti-communist films" as two dimensions of the changing face of anticommunism circulating in popular sentiment through an analysis of the honeymoon/conflict relationship between anticommunism and popular culture.
doi:10.1186/s40856-016-0009-7 fatcat:fiwit5diqnaz7ktnbows4oguea