Multiple magnetic phase transitions inPrCoAl4Observed by Muon Spin Rotation and Relaxation Measurements

A. Schenck, F. N. Gygax, P. Schobinger-Papamantellos, L. D. Tung
2005 Physical Review B  
Zero field muon spin rotation and relaxation ͑SR͒ measurements on a single crystal of orthorhombic PrCoAl 4 revealed the presence of spontaneous static fields, extending above the well-known incommensurately modulated antiferromagnetic structure ͑T N =17 K͒ up to at least 110 K. Two further transitions at 30 K and 84 K were clearly visible. The spontaneous fields above T N are confined to the ͑b , c͒ plane and are tentatively ascribed to a spin density wave involving the Co 3d-band electrons.
doi:10.1103/physrevb.71.214411 fatcat:snltw7kcgrfizha66refmfqfie