Robustness under bounded uncertainty with phase information

A.L. Tits, V. Balakrishnan, L. Lee
1999 IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control  
Abst ract We consider uncertain linear systems where the uncertainties, in addition to being bounded, also satisfy constraints on their phase. In this context, we de ne the \phase-sensitive structured singular value" (PS-SSV) of a matrix, and show that su cient (and sometimes necessary) conditions for stability of such uncertain linear systems can be rewritten as conditions involving PS-SSV. We then derive upper bounds for PS-SSV, computable via convex optimization. We extend these results to
more » ... these results to the case where the uncertainties are structured (diagonal or block-diagonal, for instance).
doi:10.1109/9.739067 fatcat:x3cctzycrnglnp2nrz4ytfxfte