Behavior of high energy ions in the GAMMA 10 tandem mirror

M. Ichimura, C. Satake, K. Sakata, S. Furukawa, M. Nakamura, T. Saito, S. Tanaka, S. Kanazawa, E. Ishikawa, S. Takayama, S. Motegi, S. Saosaki (+4 others)
1999 Review of Scientific Instruments  
In the GAMMA 10 tandem mirror, ion cyclotron range of frequency heating has been used effectively in the central cell. The ion temperature becomes several keV and an ion beta value is a few %. Semiconductor detectors are used for measurement of high energy protons in both parallel and perpendicular directions to the magnetic field line. Observed pitch angle distribution peaks near the cyclotron resonance layer and estimated pressure profile in the axial direction is consistent with the profile
more » ... t with the profile from a diamagnetic loop array. Strong temperature anisotropy can drive an Alfvén ion cyclotron ͑AIC͒ mode unstable. In a typical discharge, the temporal evolution of the endloss high energy ions has strong correlation with that of the AIC-mode amplitude. The enhancement of the loss of high energy ions due to the AIC mode is suggested.
doi:10.1063/1.1149491 fatcat:wnquroe4lvesrfra3dhhssiex4