Cloud Scavenging Effects on Aerosol Radiative and Cloud-nucleating Properties - Final Technical Report [report]

John A. Ogren, Patrick S. Sheridan, Elisabeth Andrews
2009 unpublished
The optical properties of aerosol particles are the controlling factors in determining direct aerosol radiative forcing. These optical properties depend on the chemical composition and size distribution of the aerosol particles, which can change due to various processes during the particles' lifetime in the atmosphere. Over the course of this project we have studied how cloud processing of atmospheric aerosol changes the aerosol optical properties. A counterflow virtual impactor was used to
more » ... rate cloud drops from interstitial aerosol and parallel aerosol systems were used to measure the optical properties of the interstitial and cloud-scavenged aerosol. Specifically, aerosol light scattering, back-scattering and absorption were measured and used to derive radiatively significant parameters such as aerosol single scattering albedo and backscatter fraction for cloud-scavenged and interstitial aerosol. This data allows us to demonstrate that the radiative properties of cloud-processed aerosol can be quite different than pre-cloud aerosol. These differences can be used to improve the parameterization of aerosol forcing in climate models. Cloud Scavenging Effects on Aerosol Radiative and Cloud-nucleating Properties Oklahoma, where the wind comes sweepin' down the plains, Where the wavin' wheat, Can sure smell sweet, When the wind comes right behind the RAIN...
doi:10.2172/948732 fatcat:6duifsdkjnashkekx6edsxsm6e