Equilibrium Statistical Mechanics of Inhomogeneous Fluids

Frank H. Stillinger, Frank P. Buff
1962 Journal of Chemical Physics  
The excess thermodynamic and molecular properties induced in a classical single-component fluid by static external force fields are examined from several points of view. By utilizing the techniques of cluster theory, a local "pressure," p (r), is constructed whose spatial integral yields directly and precisely the logarithm of the grand partition function, including the result of interaction with container vessel walls as well as other external fields (present, for example, in gravitational or
more » ... entrifugal equilibrium). In particular, it is remarked that the problem arising from cluster integral dependence upon vessel volume in the usual imperfect gas theory is solved. The density expansion for p is transformed into an integral involving a modification (Xg) of the well-known "direct-correlation function," or non-nodal cluster function. Subsequent construction of local free energies provides a condi-I.
doi:10.1063/1.1732927 fatcat:qeya2jowazhklkq2w4wyuybjtm