Clinical analysis the therapeutic effect of Nd: YAG laser on 920 cases of different lacrimal passages obstruction

Xiao-Song Zhao, Ying-Chuan Fan, Li Chen, Chen Li
誗AIM: To evaluate the therapeutic efficacy of Nd: YAG laser on lacrimal duct obstruction and the different efficiency of obstruction on different location. 誗 METHODS: Totally 920 eyes (840 patients) with no dacryocystitis received Nd:YAG laser treatment, including 134 eyes with lacrimal canaliculus obstruction and 786 eyes with naso-lacrimal duct obstruction. Every case received 4 days蒺 lacimal duct wash by Poly Pred or Tobradex. Patients in two groups were followed up for 3 months.
more » ... al efficiency was 76. 2%. Efficiency of naso-lacrimal duct obstruction group was 77. 2% (607 eyes) , which was obviously higher than 70. 1% (94 eyes) in lacrimal canaliculus obstruction by one point group. 誗 CONCLUSION: Nd: YAG laser can be suggestively applied in treatment on lacrimal duct obstruction, especially can be used in naso-lacrimal duct obstruction due to its simplicity, economy, practicability, less side effect and complication.