Designing a Business View of Enterprise Data

Bastien Vidé, Joan Marty, Franck Ravat, Max Chevalier
2021 25th International Database Engineering & Applications Symposium  
Nowadays, companies manage a large volume of data usually organised in "silos". Each "data silo" contains data related to a specific Business Unit, or a project. This scattering of data does not facilitate decision-making requiring the use and cross-checking of data coming from different silos. So, a challenge remains: the construction of a Business View of all data in a company. In this paper, we introduce the concepts of Enterprise Knowledge Graph (EKG) and Decentralised EKG (DEKG). Our DEKG
more » ... ims at generating a Business View corresponding to a synthetic view of data sources. We first define and model a DEKG with an original process to generate a Business View before presenting the possible implementation of a DEKG.
doi:10.1145/3472163.3472276 fatcat:fphly7nhbfbuxhf5qqjcgqo52a